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Starts: 13 May, 2014
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Number of Levels: Young Adults
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Target Groups: Young Adults (12-17 yrs. Intermediate and Secondary Stages)

Course Descriptions

Like the YL programme, the General English courses offered at this level provide instruction in general English at levels appropriate to learners’ language proficiency. The programme focuses on learners’ knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and improves their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The curriculum is based on high quality textbooks from well-known, international ELT publishers and we supplement whenever necessary with extra home-produced teaching materials to meet individual learning needs and bridge any language learning gaps in the materials published for the broader/international market.

New students and students returning for study after a six-month-interruption period take a placement test first to determine their level in English before registering for the General English Programme courses. Students are assigned to class levels that correspond to their results in the placement test, regardless of their actual grade level at their regular school.

In the Young Adult courses, however, we focus on developing advanced language knowledge and skills and encourage students to aim at achieving higher proficiency levels that will allow them to take an external internationally recognised exam such as IELTS.

Course Title Number of Levels Total Hours
Introduction to English 3 Levels 102 Hours (34hrs each)
Basic 3 Levels 102 Hours (34hrs each)
Elementary 3 Levels 102 Hours (34hrs each)
Pre-Intermediate 3 Levels 102 Hours (34hrs each)
Intermediate 3 Levels 102 Hours (34hrs each)
Upper Intermediate 3 Levels 102 Hours (34hrs each)