I.              Registration, Fees, and Withdrawals

a.   Registration

–        Students may register in person or through their parents or guardians. No registration or seat reservation will be made by telephone or text messages.
–        Students (or their guardians) must complete the registration form and check that they have filled in their CPR number clearly and accurately in the appropriate section on the form.
–        Completion of registration procedures is conditional upon the availability of seats at the required level and full payment of fees.
–        Registration is made by means of first come first served. Anyone coming after the desired level is full will be put on the waiting list.

b.  Fees

The following fees are charged upon registration:

–      Registration fee:  BD 5.000

This fee is non-refundable and is paid by students registering for the first time only. Returning students are not charged a registration fee.

  • Tuition (course) fees:

The amount of tuition fees depends on the level and type of the course being registered for. Tuition fees must be paid upfront and students should get a receipt indicating full payment of the same.

–        Books and course materials:

–        Students pay for books and course materials when they register for the first time, or for a new course level that requires the use of a new set of materials.
–        Registration fees, tuition fees, and course materials charge must be paid for in advance.
–        Payments can be made by means of cash, credit/debit cards or cheques.
–        Tuition fees will not be deferred to a consecutive term without a reason acceptable to the management.

c.   Withdrawals and Refunds

–        Withdrawal from a course must be at least one week before the commencement of the term. In this case, students are entitled to recover the tuition fees only.
–        Students withdrawing after the starting date of the course are not entitled to refund of tuition fees, and the Centre will not consider any claims for refund.
–        In case of withdrawal, books will be accepted back only if they are presented in their original new condition. Books that have any writing or scribbling on any of their pages (even if this was the student’s name or made in pencil). This includes books that are no longer used for teaching at the Centre.