Dr. Safiya Sadeq AlBaharna – Director

Highly qualified with a rich and extensive experience in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). She joined Dar al Ma’rifa English Language Centre early 2010. She is investing her educational background as a teacher, curriculum specialist, exams and materials developer, and teacher trainer in improving the quality of teaching and learning at the Centre. With a clear focus on making quality language learning accessible to all those enrolled at DMLC and to the community at large, Dr. AlBaharna is constantly seeking means of supporting initiatives from individuals, social groups as well as non-profit organisations to support English language learning and learner capacity building.

Lolita Labaguise – Head of Operations

A valuable person who has been with DMLC since it early days. Ever since she joined DM as a secretary in May 1995, has seen the Centre grow in size and in enrolment and she has been part of that growth. Now she is in charge of all Admin operations and maintenance of records.

Lolita enjoys a vivid memory of all the Centre’s activities and events. She saw students joining English classes as little boys or girls and graduating as shining young adults ready for their University studies.

Azhar Saeed – Student Affairs

Over the past seven years, calm, soft-spoken and patient Azhar gradually managed to transfer the knowledge and skills she gained during her University Days specialising in Media and Public Relations to the more people-centred position as Students’ Affairs Officer. Azhar is the first person students rush to with their little complaints or to express their small needs and wishes, let alone having to report to her every time they arrived late for their class.

Zahraa Saleh – Accounts

When Dar al Ma’rifa moved its premises to AlSanabis area, Zahraa, then a fresh BTI graduate, found the workplace where she could feel more at home and enjoy a cosy all-female environment.

Zahraa’s first days at the Reception Desk soon came to an end, when she demonstrated her accounting and numerical skills and revealed her managerial and organisational abilities, especially when Head of Operations takes her annual leave.

Amina Sabah – Quality Assurance

A Bahrain University graduate in English Literature. From the first moment she joined DMLC as a member of the Academic Department, she demonstrated skills and abilities that led to the re-definition of her role and responsibilities to allow her more focus on quality of provision.