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English for Business

English for Business is offered at three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. These courses are designed for adults already working or are aiming to work in a business related job. The course is designed to help students develop the language skill they need to function successfully in the workplace. It introduces them to the rhetorical principles and communication practices necessary for writing effective business letters, memos, emails and reports with attention to multiple audiences and for various purposes. The different levels of the course deal with more specific language tasks such as: designing and implementing appropriate research strategies, giving oral presentations, writing ethically and responsibly within the business organization and as a member of society.

Students enrolling in these courses should have achieved an Intermediate level of general English as a minimum requirement. These courses are offered on demand provided we have 10 students to make a group, and will be scheduled flexibly to suit the working hours of the group.


English for Business Fees

Course Duration Tuition Fees Course Materials
English for Business 1 40 Hours BD  95.000 BD  15.000
English for Business 2 40 Hours BD  95.000 BD  15.000
English for Business 3 40 Hours BD  95.000 BD  15.000