Our values underpin how we implement our policies, how we behave internally and how we deal with our students, parents and stakeholders. We offer a wide range of courses to learners of ages six and above. Our courses progressively develop your English language skills and are carefully structured and adapted to suit your immediate language needs and future aspirations Our commitment to excellence is reflected in:

1.    Ensuring that our courses are carefully aligned to international standards to help you:

  • develop language accuracy and fluency in the different language skills
  • learn English in a systematic and efficient way
  • succeed in your higher studies in English
  • prepare for international certificate exams to gain entry into the university of your choice

2.    Regularly monitoring and upgrading course materials and teaching methods by:

  • reviewing and improving course content and assessment methods and tools to meet specific learning needs and fill in gaps in students’ learning
  • providing teachers with best practices in teaching and assessment

3.    Regularly monitoring students’ progress and attendance:

  • observe and monitor student achievement throughout the course
  • assess learning needs of individual students and provide them with additional practice whenever needed
  • motivate students and counsel them on ways to improve their learning in and out of class time
  • promote strong, positive student-teacher relationship

4.    Providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning.  We offer

  • clean and safe environment equipped with standard facilities and safety requirements
  • a book library where students can read or borrow books in different genres
  • A good teacher-student ratio
  • a cafeteria to provide students with an variety of healthy snack options
  • large halls where students can mingle with friends during break time and while waiting for classes