We believe that language learners will achieve higher, gain more confidence in their language performance, and become more insightful about their learning needs when they join classes that allow them maximum exposure to English and provide them with opportunity for meaningful language practice in a learning conducive environment. The following objectives reflect our view of language learning:

  • To maximise effectiveness of staff performance and improve delivery of service.
  • To ensure that offered programmes and courses are aligned to international standards as expressed in the Common European Framework and satisfy the requirements of the Cambridge Certificate Exams.
  • To monitor and improve teaching quality by standardising teacher recruitment and assessment criteria, regular class observations, and providing constructive feedback to teachers.
  • To monitor and ensure learner progress through rigorous assessment of learning and by providing teachers with carefully designed assessment guidelines and tools.
  • To ensure a safe and healthy environment for learners, teachers and staff, review and improve policies, and provide equipment and other requirements that facilitate learning and support teachers and staff in fulfilling their duties.
  • To continue to broaden the Centre’s offerings to meet the evolving needs of English language learners and users.